Monday, 25 August 2014

Airline Key Success Factors

During our popular ongoing Airline Commercial Management workshops we challenge participants to brainstorm a list of 5 key success factors in today's airline landscape. During the workshops we harvest the opinions of the airline delegates and attempt to distill their knowledge into the highlight list. Whilst there are diverse views of course, the following elements dominate the submissions:

1. Visionary,strong, and strategic leadership...
                     many names spring to mind including Kelleher, Fernandes, OLeary

2. Ruthless cost management

3. Multiple sources of ancillary revenue, and continuing to develop new sources

4. Effective use of information technology in distribution, yield management, and social networking

5. Deregulated environment with minimal government intervention/ownership

It should be possible to derive a success index, based on these factors, and a traditional SWOT and competitor analysis, that could form the initial basis for an airline success rating.

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